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Twice as Nice!

This savvy lady flipped two houses on the same street. The first she bought at $156K, renovated and sold 7 months later for $275K. The second she bought for $135K, add her upgrades and sold 8 months later for $188,500.

The King of Real Estate

Long-time investor and customer, this guy is truly building a legacy with his family-owned rental portfolio! And this home he bought for $85K, renovated and sold 6 months later for $180,000.


When Sandy's dad retired and moved from Ohio, she helped him find and renovate an awesome investment property. His investment more than doubled and he was hooked! He got his license and now spends his free time helping others buy and sell.

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Know your numbers in minutes! Download the same fill-in-the-blank cheat sheet our investors use to estimate costs before they buy or sell.