We're Chad & Sandy!

And we LOVE what we do.

We get to help people use real estate
to leverage their time and money to do more in life!

Not-so-humble beginning

We hired a Realtor to sell our first flip but were frustrated. We could not REACH HER BY PHONE. She didn't deliver on promises. And her marketing was old-school.


So, we got licensed to sell our own properties. (And we helped a couple of friends.) Before long we were marketing an average of 20 listings at all times.

Problems Solved.

(word got out)


Creative Solutions

We helped people sell their homes in the most challenging circumstances (the market crash.) Adversity challenged us to apply creative solutions. And we were hooked.


In 2014, Chad leveraged real estate to retire early from Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department. Now he devotes 100% of his time toward serving 'those who serve.'


Chad has his parents to thank for his Jacksonville roots and military influence. His mom and dad both served in the military before settling down in Orange Park. His dad retired there as a Master Chief.

(Here's a young Chad following their footsteps.)

Where's Sandy?

Usually behind the scenes...er shades! Never without a laptop, or a certain chihuahua. She's the creative match to Chad's analytical personality. Obsessed with strategy and process. Entrepreneur at heart who writes about real estate life for fun. 

How We're Different

We plan to OUT-SHINE the competition by:

  1. Being YOUR single point of contact. Talk directly to YOUR AGENT, not a team of people or an assistant.
  2. Making a huge impact for the greater good. A portion of our annual profits and volunteered time goes directly to helping Ukrainian orphans connect with families.
  3. Serving YOU after the sale. Continue equity-building strategies long after your sale closes.
  4. Focusing YOU on the long-term. Good real estate decisions will free you, not trap you.
  5. Creating an enjoyable experience for YOU. Real estate transactions are stressful. It's our job to manage deadlines, overcome obstacles, and provide the best information so you can make decisions you feel awesome about.

6. Providing YOU with a roadmap. Always feel informed and prepared.

7. Communicating with YOU frequently. Even if there is nothing new to report, you will hear from us regularly.

8. Making it easy for YOU to get things done. We leverage technology to act faster, keep paperwork simple, and help you feel organized. 

9. Empowering YOU. We are not the keepers of real estate secrets. Our customers are highly intelligent, resourceful, capable of navigating a sale on their own. They come to us to get advice, guidance and to fill in the missing pieces.

10. Educating YOU. Anyone can find information. But an analyst interprets, filters, and organizes information in a way that is simple to understand and relevant to YOU.

11. Providing YOU value for price. Broker fees are similar whether you work wtih a good agent or a bad one. We operate from our own written plan so that we can over-deliver at every milestone.

What's It Like?

What's it like to work with us? Hear it from our happy customers.


Ready to work with us? Call Chad at (904) 219-7539.


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